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Most of the people who buy houses and decorate them are working-class people. They don't have a rich budget at hand, but they want to decorate a home that satisfies themselves and their families. What should they do

most people who buy houses and decorate them are working-class people. They don't have a very rich budget, but they want to decorate a home that satisfies themselves and their families. What should they do

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let's pay attention to some tips that we must pay attention to when decorating

if you can save the lighting in the living room, you can save it.

when decorating, many working families pursue the beauty brought by lighting, and they always ask for more lighting when decorating

first of all, too many spotlights can easily cause safety hazards. Small spotlights seem to have a small wattage, but they are easy to accumulate heat in a small lampshade, which will produce high temperature in a short time, and it is easy to cause a fire in a long time. Secondly, the spotlight is usually only turned on when guests come, or it is only used during new years and festivals. It is not turned on at ordinary times. Many people regret that they spent the money wrongly after installing the spotlight

the porch strives to be simple and practical.

nowadays, most of the popular house type designs are the living room connected with the dining room. Therefore, many people will design a porch between the living room and the dining room

many families try their best to design the porch very complicated, which is counterproductive. First of all, too complex porch will destroy the overall beauty of the living room. Secondly, one side of the porch is the living room, and the other side is the restaurant. If it is too complex, it is not conducive to sanitation, and the beauty will be affected over time. In the design of the porch, we should strive to be simple and practical

floor tiles at least buy mid-range

floor tiles is a big expense with great scalability. A high price floor tile costs 100 yuan, and a low price of more than 10 yuan can be bought

floor tiles are easily worn parts. If they are too cheap, they will not be wear-resistant. Over time, floor tiles will be stamped. In addition, the floor tiles that are too cheap are mostly non slip, which can easily cause people to slip and cause accidental injury

don't buy cheap wires and water pipes

in all home decoration materials, wires and water pipes of more than ten yuan a meter are also a big expenditure. Some working-class families often have the idea of saving money in this expenditure, don't pay much attention to quality, but only price

if the quality of wires and water pipes is not up to standard, it will bring great potential safety hazards to future life. Even working families cannot lower standards when buying wires and water pipes

the number of power sockets is enough

many working-class friends often pay little attention to the quality of power sockets when decorating, thinking " Just have it "e;, Some friends like to use multi-function sockets, thinking that this saves some sockets and wires

there are many electrical appliances in modern families with great power. The quality of power sockets is very important. Try to buy ones with good quality and sufficient materials. Try to use as few multi-function sockets as possible, and try to avoid using one socket for several appliances at the same time. If the socket is overloaded, it is easy to cause fire accidents

" Big bag "e; More often check

due to tight working hours, the working class often adopts " Big bag "e; I don't care about it at all, which gives those decoration companies with poor professional ethics the opportunity to make a profit

most owners are inexperienced in decoration for the first time, but they find many problems after living for a while. Therefore, even if you choose decoration " Big bag "e;, We should also often check the materials and quality on the construction site, and never be a shopkeeper

draw wiring and pipe laying drawings

many families will carry out water and electricity transformation during decoration, and they often don't remember to draw a road map after this work

decoration is originally a process of continuous improvement, and it may be redecorated in a few years. It is necessary to draw a road map for the laying of power lines and water pipes. With this picture, we can not " Injury " Power cord and water pipe

try to finish the project at one time

when the working class is decorating at home, because of economic reasons, in addition to saving materials, they often adopt saving methods in decoration projects. For some projects that should be completed at the same time, they often don't do it for the time being and leave it to be done later

it is inconvenient to carry out decoration after moving. Those decoration projects that have to be carried out will definitely affect future life. Moreover, some projects are not completed in time. Because there are too few projects, it is difficult to invite a professional construction team in the future. Even if invited, the other party will charge a high price. If you delay in this way, you will bring yourself a lot of trouble

think twice about the payment for the completion of the project

when many families decorate, they often pay all the project funds to the decoration company as soon as the project is completed, which seems to be no problem on the surface

Xia yunzhan, design director, believes that this approach is wrong. After the completion of the vast majority of home decoration, it is often difficult to find defects immediately only from the surface. Only after living in for a period of time can we find problems in materials, construction quality and other aspects. If you don't pay the construction party in full, once you find a quality problem, the construction party will come to repair it by appointment. If the decoration company doesn't hire someone, you can also pay for someone to repair from the balance by yourself

therefore, the contract should be signed before construction, and the project funds should be paid one by one according to the progress. After completion, try to leave a sum of money acceptable to both parties as a quality guarantee





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